Advance Excel Forum-About Us

Sudipta Mondal is a blogger, writer, author as well as founder of “Advance Excel Forum (AEF)“, is the best learning platform on Advance Excel and learn about Excel Formulas, Excel Shortcuts, Common problems in Excel, variety of Pivot Tables, kind of Charts, MIS Dashboard and more. He is from Kolkata, India.

According to Sudipta, “Advanced Excel is a very necessary modern tool in the advanced world that can only be achieved through a committed focus and self-analyzing skills“.

Advance Excel Forum (AEF) aims to learn Excel from basic to advance for Beginners, for Back Office, for Management Information System (M.I.S), for Corporate Sector Individuals and employees. 

He graduated with Zoology Honors from Asutosh College under Calcutta University and has completed a Diploma in Software Application (D.S.A). He has many years of experience with Database maintenance; he has depth knowledge in Management Information System (M.I.S) and Business Analyst as well.

As per his professional experience, he wants to share his experience, knowledge in Advanced Excel in-depth to beginners, newbies in Corporate Sectors and ways to guide them to develop their Excel skills. He is dedicated to educating and inspiring the world how to become better to the best in Advanced Excel.

Related to this, he is happy to deliver an excel book on his favorite niche “Corporate Problems in Advanced Excel” ready to publish shortly.

Additionally, Sudipta’s hobby to write poetry, short stories since adolescence. His sole focus on kids and children interest. Already Published three series of “Magical Rhymes & Poems” books and ready to publish “Magical Picture Dictionary A-Z (MPD)” and “Magical book on Composition & Gk”.

Correspondingly, Sudipta is working in a number of series of books on “Invertebrate Zoology”, “Genetics”, “Immunology” and more.